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Hey, it's nice to meet you, I'm EMILY!

Hello friend, I’m the passion and spirit behind this beauty adventure. Once upon a time, I was a burnt-out restaurant owner — until a $300 box of shampoo changed it all. For me, it wasn’t merely about hair care; it was the catalyst for an incredible transformation in my life.

Ultimately, it’s about empowerment, encouragement, and newfound confidence. That small bottle of shampoo unlocked a world of possibilities for me, paving the way to do what I genuinely love—mentoring women and helping them embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

My mission is crystal clear: to empower women to embrace their potential, encourage them to step into their greatness, and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. Whether it’s through top-notch beauty products or mentoring opportunities, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

I believe in simplicity and straight-talk—no fluff, just genuine guidance and encouragement. My goal is to create a community where women feel empowered to chase their dreams, from the comfort of their homes.

More about EMILY

From earning extra to thriving: a journey to six-figure success!

I didn’t start with sales experience. I knew nothing. I learned. I tried. I failed & I picked myself back up every single time.  If you’re looking for community, a place to belong, & people to champion you, ITS HERE!


When I’m not working, you can find me hanging with my husband — embracing the best of both worlds on the lake or sitting around a bonfire. 

If I wasn’t a content creator, I would be a personal stylist. I love mixing and matching fashion finds.

My Favorite self-care habits are a good hair oil treatment and a personal development podcast! 

When you LET GO of FEAR, and start living YOUR DREAM

I knew nothing about network marketing or building a business online. But I knew I could learn. And I knew I was burnt out from running a brick and mortar business.

Network marketing offers an opportunity to everyone. And no, I’m not here to say this is for anyone. Those are two different things. But the business model allows everyone to come in and build. It provides the tools and training, the accountability and the community to learn and grow with.

But it requires you to work! It takes a certain level of grit, tenacity, & so much discipline. No one is going to knock on your door & force you to be successful, you actually have to go out there and fight for it.

Let’s make an impact


We may be a GOOD MATCH if:

01 You’re Looking For More

Holding on to limiting beliefs and living with scarsity mindset is deadly – not just to a business but to who you are as a person.

02 You Aspire to create & share

Opportunity knocks often, but many people hide upstairs to avoid it. 

03 You crave community

Find the community you didn’t know you were missing.